A Visit to the Happy2Nappy Nursery

I visited Nanny M’s nursery in East Anglia for the 2nd time in March and had a great time. I turned up in my Cuddlz disposable nappy on under my jeans and with butterflies in my tummy.
I suddenly realised when I got to the nursery i had to go back to my car to fetch something but Nanny noticed I was wearing a nappy as it was crinkling and told me she heard it when I was walking. I felt such a rush as I had been to the garage before I arrived to get some diesel and it was very busy so it godness knows who else noticed. OMG..
I was soon dressed up like a sissy babygirl and in my highchair waiting for Daddy to come home from work. Daddy had arrived I was blushing in my highchair. Daddy fed me some apple pudding and tasty juice…..It was soo lovely…
We had a lovely time but I soon got tired and after my spanking because I was naughty I was changed into a fresh night nappy, put in a cute onsie and was given a lovely bottle of warm milk and fell asleep in the best most comfortable cot ever…the next thing I knew I woke up in a heavy and full nappy between my legs and my alarm going off and the sudden realisation my babyish state was coming to an end as I was due in at work in 1 hour. Nanny helped undress and clean me up.
Now that’s a way to wake up and start your working week.
I ended up day dreaming for most of the day I was going back there after work to my nursery, nappies, cot, baby clothes and Nanny M and Daddy.
I can’t wait till the next time xxx. Nanny M and Daddy are the best xx
I highly recommend this nursery xx