I love you Nanny-M. Thank you for nursing, spanking and changing me, even when I pout and squeal like a sissy baby. You help me so much in your nursery to be your sweet baby doll and even will discipline with pumps, paddles, plugs and pamper to a point a pantywaist pansy may pout. Even if I protest that I am a grown man, you help me realize your the Nanny and being kept as a sissy baby girl is where I am at, even if you must parade me as your pantywaist to prove your point of me being your North Sea Nancy Boy. I am sorry I am so afraid of being your sissy baby, just the way you want and I do thank you for finding it inside you to forgive me. If you find it in Cambridge, in a woman’s empowerment group, just claim it as your own because forgiving debtors prison, even if a panty prison sissy nursery is such a huge claims adjustment in a man’s world with those pants that are worn with such style.
Sincerely W. X