Gosh we’re do I start.
First time I had been to see Nanny M for some Bdsm fun.
She must throught I was a right pain sending messages the last week planing the session.
But we got there in the end and was planed I was to play the part of a plumber called out to look at a water leak in a room.
I turned up at the time we had agreed on and was taking to the room with the so called leak, by auntie Mary
And left to have a look but being the kinky noisy plumber I found the bdsm gear left in the room and soon get undressed and slipped a pair of handcuffs on.
Auntie came back to the room with my cup of tea and was shocked to find my naked and a pair of cuffs on and called for the manger of the hotel.
Were Mistress Eve turned up, gosh what can I say she looked stunning ( thank you Eve for taking the time to get dressed up and the lovely make up you looked stunning).
She asked what I was doing being noisy and looking round the room and called for Nanny who turned up in her nanny outfit as well. And looked great as well ( thank you Eve, Nanny, Auntie for taking the time to dress up and go along with the role play).
I was told to sit in the chair and Auntie soon had me taped to the chair, while nanny pulled a black gimp hood over my head ( ps. Loved the hood)
And was slowly whipped and teased by all three before I was taking to the dungeon)
And taped over the stool and teased with cold ice cubs which was lovely ( may be gaged next time).
Before I was taken to the next stool and taped to it again teased and lightly whipped and had Eve sit on me.
Next I was taken up stairs and strapped down in to the bed with the medical bed kit, and left for half a hour, ( could have done with more straps and bondage gaged)
But I could not get free and had to wait for nanny to set me free.
And was, taken back to the dungeon and nanny and eve tryed to put me. In a body back but was a bit. To tall. ( may be next time gaged and masked and wrapped up like a mummy).
Next Auntie Mary soon had me spread out cuffed and chained to the metal frame standing up and eyes were covered with tape.
Were Nanny, Mistress and Auntie all lighty whipped and teased me, and Mistress then teased with me nipple clamps. ( Nearly had to use my safe word)
Then I was taking on to the swinging chair and strapped down for some more flogging and teasing).
A great time was had and enjoyed my play a lot not done much flogging and teasing in the past but was fun and my limits were respected by all.
Thank you all for all the effort you put in to the season from you outfits to the planing.
Looking forward to next time may get to be wrapped like a mummy and put on the Red bed in the dungeon.
Thank you all for a great time xx