Session Interests

A fully equipped Adult Nursery

Complete wing of hotel with own kitchen and bathroom / entrance front and rear

Within nursery: large adult cot with removable side and secure top if requested

Changing table with full cleaning and nappy service
Enemas & suppositories
Forced nappy / diaper wearing
Potty training
Baby tub Bath

Forced regression
Cross dressing and gender play
Role play covering everything from baby clinic to school play and abduction scenarios

Beginner journey into nappy / diapers
Old fashioned discipline incl terry nappies
Reliving childhood / exploring your options and desires
Dealing with family life

Bondage, Segufix, sensory play
Light medical play / baby clinic
Bottle and baby feeding or forced

Key holder
Financial domination
Foot fetish

Over the knee spanking

Out visits also catered for all of UK as well as abroad (costs must be paid)

Within former hotel :

Bondage room
Medical room
Dark room
Spanking room
Transformation room

WhatsApp sessions are also available

Lots of space to play freely with no other guests (unless advised otherwise)

What I do NOT provide:

Sexual encounters or oral sex
No scat play or queening
No blood or torture
Breast feeding (this may change if we find someone suitable)

Adult Baby Domme
Adult Baby Domme